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I first wanted to call this collection Nefretiti as to me the stoneware pieces looked antique and something the Old Egyptian queen might have worn. However, whilst listing the individual items I kept coming up with natural names for them like, Single Berry, Pebbles, Full Moon… And I realised that what they really had in common was their connection with Nature. Not surprising as this year I have spent much time in the Nature trying to bond with it more. So, I ended up calling the collection Organic, and that name sits with me very well.
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A pair of lovingly handmade ceramic statement earrings in dark blue and white.DIMENSIONS & MATERIALSCeramic piece: H3.5cm x W2.5cm x D0.2cm (1.4" x 1" x 0.1")Total drop length: 5cm (2") White stoneware clay, engobe, non tox...