Handmade Process

All my ceramics are completely handmade. I love the feel of clay in my hands. To roll it out evenly I use a couple of rulers as a guide.
When cutting I let my intuition lead me as I love the hand-cut organic shapes. A signature stamp is applied to bigger pieces.
When almost leather-hard I take the potter’s needle and carve geometric patterns in the pieces which are then left to dry. After some sanding and sponging the greenware is ready for its first firing at around 1000 °C.
A day later the bisque is ready to be glazed which is my favourite part of the process. First the carved parts are inlayed with black underglaze, then sponged and finally glazed; the more detailed the piece the more patience and precision it takes since glazes are hard to control.
It’s always very exciting to open the kiln door after the second firing and see the results! Finally, the little artworks are ready to be assembled. I only use the best materials to complement my ceramics which are sterling silver and stainless steel. They are each chosen purposefully as to what fits best with a certain piece since some pieces like small pendants and dangle earrings work best with the colour of sterling silver and other, bigger pieces work best with stainless steel. Stud earrings come on hypoallergenic surgical steel.